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Fairtrade mica: een moeilijke zoektocht

Fairtrade mica: a difficult quest

Mica is a growing popular product in natural and non-natural cosmetics. Mica are minerals that provide a beautiful shine. That is also the reason that we wanted to add mica to our multibalm . This balm gives a beautiful shine, subtle color and highlights lips, cheekbones and eyebrows.

Unfortunately, mica has a dark side. Various studies and documentaries have shown that the extraction of mica is associated with exploitation, child slavery and poor conditions. Fairly sourced ingredients are of great importance to SMPL. It is an important pillar on which our products rest.

The road to fair trade mica

We are convinced that most brands that use mica do not consciously choose the dark side of extracting these minerals. They assume that their producers make the right choice. However, 95% of the mica on the market is linked to slavery and exploitation. Until a few years ago, little was known about this. In addition, the price unfortunately always plays a very important role in the production process. The choice for the cheapest option is quickly made and not all manufacturers are aware of the abuses.

The choice for fair mica therefore starts with awareness. Then a lot of research needs to be done. Nobody likes to admit that an ingredient comes from appalling circumstances. In addition, it is not easy to obtain fair mica. Few mines do not work with children and offer their workers fair wages. Fortunately, we have been able to find fair trade mica with our producer. We think it is more than worth the search and the higher price.

How do you know if you are dealing with fair trade mica?

It is difficult to know how an ingredient in your cosmetics products is extracted. This is not mentioned on the ingredients list. To find out more about this, you will have to inquire with the brand of the product. When a brand has done its best to obtain honest mica, they will probably mention something about it on the website. The price can also be an indication. Fairtrade mica has a price tag which you will see in the pricing of the product. Mica is a wonderful ingredient, but make sure it's also a fair ingredient.

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