Beste natuurlijke aftersun tips

Best natural after sun tips

Unfortunately, almost everyone burns sometimes, but with these best natural after sun tips we help your skin recover. Still, we can't emphasize enough: prevent your skin from burning and apply a generous amount of sunscreen. Because even the best natural after sun tips cannot prevent your skin from suffering permanent damage from sunburn.

Stay away from after sun with irritating ingredients

It's amazing but true, many after sun creams or gels contain ingredients that are very bad for sunburned skin. They give a cooling effect and this seems to help but unfortunately it only irritates the skin more. Examples are menthol and irritating alcohol . Perfume is also a real cause of irritation. These kinds of ingredients only make it worse. So check the ingredient list before you start lubricating.

Don't go looking for after sun

When you choose a good cream for your sunburned skin, choose a water-based cream with moisturizing and caring ingredients. This could just be a natural body lotion. It really doesn't have to be a special after sun. Our lotion is a good example of a water-based cream with moisturizing ingredients. Look here to read more about this lotion . Make sure you lubricate often. This is especially important in the first hours after combustion.

Hydrating mist

Your skin needs moisturizing ingredients after sunbathing. That is why SMPL face mist with Hydranov has become indispensable for us after sunbathing. With the powerful algae extract Hydranov®️, this mist is extremely moisturizing for your skin and the flower waters and aloe vera reduce redness. Our star ingredient Hydranov®️ is proven to be three times more effective at moisturizing the skin than hyaluronic acid. We spray it after sunbathing not only on our face, but all over our body.

But prevention is better than cure, so make sure to apply a mineral sunscreen and stay out of the sun as much as possible. Sun healthy!

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