About us

Natural skin- and haircare, without the fuss

SMPL skincare was founded from a desire to make the cosmetic industry more transparant, honest en sustainable. Because of our own experience with hormonal imbalance and skin problems like eczema, we've started investigating the skincare we were using: it was full of toxic ingredients, hormone disruptors, and irritating ingredients. Which not only didn't work for our skin, it even made our problems worse. Think of microplastics, which enter your blood stream through your skin, but also enter our waters via our shower drain. Or perfumes, which not only dry out and age skin, but also cause more skin allergies among our population daily.

We believe that the right, natural skincare products can make a difference to your skin and the world around us. That's why you won't find any parabens, synthetic ingredients, microplastics, essential oils, mineral oils, SLS or harmful conservatives in our products. We keep it simple: no nonsense, only the good stuff. 

Perfume free

We carefully selected our ingredients. This way, all of our products are perfectly suitable for sensitive skin. We don't use any synthetic perfumes or essential oils that could irritate or harm your skin, and limit the chance of skin allergies.

For the whole family

We aim to keep your bathroom as clean as possible. We believe that skin doesn't need unnecessary frills. This is why all of our products are true multitaskers and are suitable for all ages and every skin. Even those of our little ones.

Sustainability first

With SMPL natural skincare we want to help you reduce your footprint. We believe in the principle of 'small switches, big impact.' And that's not just in the choice for 100% natural, plant-based ingredients, but also in our sustainable packaging, reducing our CO2 footprint and donating to projects to restore our planet.

Good for you. Good for nature. We simply don't do it for less.