About us

Natural skin care without fuss

At SMPL we have a soft spot for natural beauty. Natural beauty! Because why add all that chemical junk to your skincare routine if it's not necessary. For us, it's 100% natural skin care that counts. High quality natural ingredients that add value to your skin. Substances that do not, we ignore.

No nonsense, only the good stuff.

Good for you, good for nature

With SMPL natural skin care we want to do our bit in the green. We believe in the principle of 'small switches, big impact.' And that's not just in the choice for 100% natural ingredients, but also in our sustainable packaging. The tubes are made of sugar cane, the bottles are made of recycled plastic and the boxes are made of recyclable cardboard. Good for you. Good for nature. We simply don't do it for less.

vegan skincare

You don't need animal products for glowing skin. Vegan skincare provides our skin with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Our laboratory researches the latest in skin improvement and skin care with respect for nature and its ingredients. Through unique compositions, they create high-quality vegan skin care products that are a great addition to any routine.

Use less, care more.