Why do your products smell different?

You may have to get used to the smell of our products. That's because we don't use synthetic perfume or scented essential oils in our products. We are not a fan of this because it can irritate the skin, dry it out and even age it. We only use (edible) vanilla aroma to give the products a pleasant (light) scent. Vanilla aroma is not on the list of the top 26 most common skin allergies.

Are the green foam balls in my package biodegradable?

Of course! You can reuse them with confidence, throw them away or even rinse them away under the tap. They're made from 100% plant-based materials and are 100% biodegradable. 

Is your sunscreen harmful to the coral?

No, our sunscreen is mineral and therefore not harmful to the coral. In order not to give your face a huge white cast, we have used nanotechnology. These particles are then coated again, so that they are large enough not to penetrate your skin and cause no possible damage to humans and animals. Our products are also 100% microplastics free so won't harm our oceans. 

I have very dry and aging skin. Which products can I use best?

The combination Boosting Serum and the Nourishing Day and Night Cream works great for dry, aging skin. Highly recommended!

I have oily skin and suffer from acne. Which products can I use best?

You can use all products, but the Face Mist & Toner has a calming effect and has purifying, anti-bacterial ingredients that hydrate your skin but do not make it greasy.

Are your products, besides 100% natural, also 100% organic?

We try to choose as many organic ingredients as possible for our products, although 'organic' does not always mean 'better'. Some, smaller farmers have fantastic organic ingredients, but unfortunately cannot apply for an organic label for various reasons (location, economic reasons, etc). We prefer to select on quality rather than on quality mark.

Still looking for a 100% organic skin product? Our Boosting Serum is 100% natural AND 100% organic.

What is the difference between your (face) Wash and Cleansing Cream?

The (face) Wash is a multifunctional product that you can use for your body, hair and face. The Wash cleans thoroughly, without irritating, and is great for in the shower, for example.

The Cleansing Cream is slightly milder, creamier and also has nourishing properties. You can apply this to your face with a (reusable) cotton ball and then remove it with water. OR use the cleansing cream as a face mask by applying it directly to your face, letting it soak in for a while and then rinsing off with water. With a super soft skin as a result!

Why not opt ​​for jars instead of tubes?

We are not a fan of jars, because this way the product comes into contact with air and bacteria from your hands. This may affect the shelf life and effectiveness of the product.