Sustainable mission

With SMPL natural skincare we want to help you reduce your footprint. We believe in the principle of 'small switches, big impact.' And that's not just in the choice for 100% natural, plant-based ingredients, but also in our sustainable packaging, reducing our CO2 footprint and donating to projects to restore our planet.

Good for you. Good for nature. We simply don't do it for less.


Vegan skin care

You don't need animal products for radiant skin. Vegan skincare provides our skin with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Our Dutch laboratories research the latest in skin improvement and skincare with respect for nature and its ingredients. Through unique compositions they create high-quality vegan skincare products that are a great addition to any routine.

Free from microplastics

We are very proud to carry the 'zero plastic inside' logo of The Plastic Soup Foundation. This means that our products are 100% free of microplastics. These are small plastic particles in cosmetics and care products that can be harmful to your health, but can also end up in our water through the shower drain. Not good for humans and animals.

Would you like to know more about microplastics? We wrote a blog about it.

Sustainable packaging

We use sustainable alternatives in packaging for our products: bio-based tubes made from sugar cane , bottles made from glass and recycled plastics and recyclable boxes.

And those green foam balls in your package that protect your products during transport? These are made from 100% natural ingredients and are therefore completely biodegradable.

CO2 footprint

To minimize the impact on the climate, we deliver our packages by bicycle as much as possible. We've partnered up with Cyclone : where possible, the will deliver your package by bicycle.

Coral recovery in Kenya

Sadly, our coral reefs are in poor condition due to exhaustive fishing methods and the impact of environmental pollution. Microplastics and other harmful ingredients are ending up in our oceans and are harming our coral reefs worldwide. Luckily you won't find any of these harmful ingredients in our products. Our Sunscreen SPF30, for example, is 100% reef safe and all our products are 100% free from microplastics. 

But unfortunately, this is not enough.. This is why we're partnering up with Sumting and ReefSystems to restore the coral reef in Shimoni (Kenia). By restoring the coral reefs and informing local communities about the impact of certain fishing methods on the ecosystem, they can better protect the marine ecosystem in Kenia.

We have taken the first step by donating the first SMPL coral fragment. For every 5 orders above €60, we will further expand this reef by donating one new piece of coral. You can find your unique piece of coral in the waters of Kenia below. 

Would you like to find out more about this project? Check out the website of our partner Sumting .