Chemische zonnefilter in jouw zonnebrand? NO thank you!

Chemical sunscreen in your sunscreen? NO thank you!

Have you also opted for a non-natural sunscreen with a chemical sunscreen for years? All those sunscreen tests show which sunscreen actually works well. However, it is never about a sunscreen that is good for you. A sunscreen can protect you well against the sun, but in the meantime it can be harmful to you due to the use of chemical sun filters. 

Protective is not necessarily safe

First and foremost, we want a sunscreen to protect us from the sun. When we only look at this, we have a lot of options. But also take a look at HOW the sunscreen protects you against the sun. The well-known non-natural sunscreen actually always contains chemical sun filters. And as a result, your skin may be protected against the sun, the toxic chemical sun filter also enters your body through the skin and that can have consequences.

The danger of chemical sunscreens

Check your sunscreen for the following ingredients: octisalate, oxybenzone, homosalate, octinoxate, octyl dimethyl PABA and octocrylene (for more background click here) . These chemicals are endocrine disruptors and can have a negative impact on our reproductive organs. They can reduce fertility and sperm count and delay puberty. Thyroid problems can also occur. Are you breastfeeding? Chemical sunscreens can be found in breast milk. Certainly oxybenzone is very easily absorbed into our body and then behaves like estrogen. In addition, the risk of a skin allergy is very high with these chemical sun filters.

Other ingredients to watch out for

In addition to chemical sunscreens, there are other ingredients to watch out for. The recognizable smell of sunburn alone is a reason for many people to apply. However, these added perfumes (synthetic or natural) do not combine very well with the sun. It can cause sun allergy or pigment spots. So use a perfume-free cream.

In addition, your skin needs extra nutrition and hydration in the sun. That's why you want to stay far away from alcohol in your cream. Alcohol dries out your skin and therefore contributes to faster aging skin. But not all alcohol in skincare is bad for your skin.

Natural mineral sunscreen

You can of course also opt for a natural sunscreen with a mineral sunscreen instead of a chemical sunscreen. A natural sunscreen contains no synthetic substances. So no toxic substances enter your body that may cause a hormone disruption. In addition, natural sunscreen works in such a way that you are immediately protected after applying (so no waiting half an hour). It puts a protective layer on the skin that reflects the sun. There is of course a quality difference among the different types of natural sunscreen, but the mineral-based sunscreens are generally well rated.

Of course we don't want to brag, but SMPL's sunscreen lubricates nicely, is 100% natural and completely safe. The chance of sun allergy is also limited and it also takes good care of your skin through the mango butter. Can also be used as a day cream!

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