De nieuwste beauty trend: skinimalisme

The latest beauty trend: skinimalism

Skinimalism is the latest trend in beauty land. Have you heard of it? We tell you more about it.

What is Skinimalism ?

Skinimalism stands for "skin minimalism," a trend that emphasizes using fewer skin care products.

The idea behind skinimalism is ' less is more '. Instead of stacking eight, nine or ten different beauty products, the focus is on using a few good, effective and mess-free basics. The products you do use contain high-quality, natural ingredients. This way you achieve healthy skin with a beautiful glow.

Why skinimalism ?

By (temporarily) using less products, your skin can relax, recover and improve. One of the basic principles of skinimalism is to improve the skin barrier. This is the top layer of your skin. This layer protects you against, among other things, UV radiation, pollution and bacteria.

By stopping double cleansing rituals, exfoliating too often and using products with many active ingredients (such as retinol), you minimize irritations and skin damage. This makes your skin stronger and it regains its own natural balance.

Finally, using fewer care products is not only better for your skin, but also better for the environment: the fewer jars, bottles and tubes in your bathroom, the less ends up in the ocean.

How does skinimalism work?

At skinimalism always choose clean and natural care products, without alcohols or perfumes that can irritate your skin.

We hear you thinking: but which products do I use?

  1. Always use a cleanser before going to bed, such as our natural and super mild Cleansing Cream . Cleaning in the morning is possible, but not necessary.
  2. Then choose one good, natural, perfume-free day and night cream that moisturizes and cares, such as our Nourishing Face Cream . Both AM and PM.
  3. Never forget your SPF in the morning! (yes, this one calls for an exclamation mark) Both in summer and winter. UV radiation is available all year round. Preferably choose a perfume-free mineral sunscreen , without microplastics.

If this basic routine is too basic for you, add a toner and serum to it. Especially nice in winter for some extra hydration.

Use less, care more . We love this trend!

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