Droogshampoo slecht voor je haar?

Dry shampoo bad for your hair?

Dry shampoo bad ? We don't want to believe that do we? Like many, we can no longer do without it. Dry shampoo is the ideal way to postpone washing your hair for a day and gives your hair some volume. However, there are many dry shampoos on the market that are harmful to your skin.

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What makes a dry shampoo bad?

There are many different dry shampoos on the market. What sets them apart is the way of application and the ingredients that make up the stuff. The spray can variant is not our preference for several reasons. First of all, of course, because we prefer not to use aerosols anymore. It's bad for the environment, you can inhale particles of the dry shampoo and you spray the stuff on your scalp with a lot of force.

And what you spray on your scalp, you often prefer not to have on your skin. In many cases, the dry shampoo is full of synthetic additives, alcohol and fragrances. Are these substances in dry shampoo bad ? Yes! These ingredients cause the scalp to dry out. This can cause itching, dandruff and irritation. In addition, your scalp becomes a nice place where bacteria can quietly do their thing.

The ingredients also cause clogging of the pores. Pustules, blackheads and other growths can arise as a result. Of course it doesn't sound very nice. But what we might find even worse is that it can also clog the hair follicles, causing your hair to stop growing…

Is there also a good dry shampoo?

That dry shampoo can be bad may come as no surprise to many people, but you don't have to lump them all together. If you want to take good care of your scalp and hair, you are better off with a natural dry shampoo. Avoid synthetic ingredients and alcohol that cause that extremely dry scalp. In addition, look for caring ingredients in a dry shampoo. For example, we have chosen castor oil in our dry shampoo . This nourishes and conditions your hair and is said to even make it grow faster (many people swear by it).

In addition, you can skip a number of washes by using dry shampoo, which is better for your hair, skin, but also for our beautiful planet. Win-win we say!

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