Gescheurde mondhoeken? Zo los jij het op!

Torn corners of the mouth? That's how you solve it!

You probably know it, the pain and irritation of dry lips and cracked corners of the mouth. Once you have them, it is often difficult to get rid of them and you are condemned to walk around for a long time with those annoying scabs in the corners of your mouth. And there's always a chance that they'll tear up again when they just seemed to be nearly healed. Here are a few tips to prevent and heal cracked corners of the mouth.

Vitamin bomb

It is no coincidence that the torn corners of the mouth often occur when your resistance is low. Make sure you get enough vitamins that keep your resistance and your skin strong. This way you can protect yourself well against the chance of such a torn corner of the mouth.

Keep your lips smooth and hydrated

Well-groomed lips are less likely to crack. But what is 'good care'? If you apply a certain well-known lip balm to your lips every day, you may think that you are taking good care of your lips. But in reality you are drying them out. The most famous care brands make extensive use of mineral oil, perfume and drying ingredients. It gives a nice and greasy feeling for a while, but soon you have to apply more because your lips start to feel dry. Your lips will only get drier. So always look at the ingredients list and choose a natural brand without perfumes or mineral oil. This balm, for example, is awesome!

Weather change and dry air

Weather changes and the dry air in the house when the heating is turned on can cause dry skin and cracked corners of the mouth. Lubricate extra when the weather changes and think about air humidification in the house. Constantly licking your lips also causes further dehydration: don't do it!

Restoration of cracked corners of the mouth with ease

Were you unable to prevent it? Then there is nothing to do but heal. Here a few tips:

  • KEEP AWAY FROM IT! Do not pull on scabs and skins from torn corners of the mouth
  • Keep the wounds as dry as possible. So don't lick!
  • Apply only with clean hands so that no bacteria can enter the wounds
  • Eat healthy and take extra vitamins B & C
  • Only put perfume-free and natural balms on your lips, without mineral oils
  • A combination of our nourishing cream and multi balm works wonders for dry lips. First apply a layer of the nourishing cream and then the multi balm for extra nutrition and a beautiful shine. Beautiful lips assured!
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