Gezicht reinigen met kokosolie

Cleanse face with coconut oil

Cleaning your face with coconut oil sounds a bit strange to many people. Coconut oil is greasy so why clean your face with it? However, cleaning with coconut oil is much better for your skin than when you get started with soap and water.

How to clean with coconut oil?

Soap removes good and water-soluble ingredients from your skin. This dries out your skin enormously, creates dry lines and makes your skin much more vulnerable to all external influences. When you proceed to cleanse your face with coconut oil , this only removes the dirt from the skin and leaves all the protective ingredients. Read here why you shouldn't clean your skin with a foaming product .

Deep cleaning with coconut oil

Apply coconut oil to your face and hang your face over a basin of hot, steaming water. Do this for a few minutes. This opens the pores completely and allows the oil to penetrate deep into the skin and dissolve all dirt and impurities deep into the pores. After this, remove the oil from your face with a damp warm cloth. The next morning your skin feels so clean! This is also definitely recommended for people who suffer from pimples or acne.

Other ways to cleanse the face

In addition to cleaning your face with coconut oil , there are other ways to properly clean your skin. Always opt for cleaning without soap and with oils in it. Our cleansing cream has many good oils and contains no soap. In addition to being able to remove dirt and impurities deep into the skin, your skin is cared for by the many nourishing ingredients. You can even use SMPL cleansing cream as a moisturizing mask. Then apply it thickly and let it soak in for 10 minutes. A soft skin as a result. We are fans!

Cleaning tip: exfoliating konjac sponge

We think the konjac sponge is a great product to cleanse your skin . We use it ourselves in the evening in combination with the cleansing cream to remove make-up and dirt. Your skin feels soft and clean after use and gets a beautiful glow. You can start the day with fresh skin. The 100% natural sponge massages the skin, has a cleansing effect and firming effect.

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