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Gezichtsverzorging vette huid | tips & mythes

Face care oily skin | tips & myths

The right facial care for oily skin is a challenge for many people. With the products of SMPL we help many people with oily skin, but we also notice that this group is very afraid to take care of their skin at all. They think that creams or mild care will only make it worse. So time for some information. We indicate here what can be the causes of oily skin and what the best facial care for oily skin is.

Oily skin causes

There are many causes that cause the skin to become unbalanced and oily. The sebum production increases with oily skin and this makes the skin shine, feel oily and impurities can arise. Here are some causes:

  • causes from within: unhealthy diet, your genes (unfortunately), stress, medicines and hormones.
  • external causes: weather conditions and your choices in cosmetics.

Many of these causes can be influenced by you. Healthy food, rest and the right facial care for oily skin. We can help you with the latter.

Facial care mistakes that can cause oily skin

What you often see is that oily skin is combated with aggressive products. Aggressive cleaning, the use of drying alcohol, the avoidance of care products. The bad thing is, this just makes it worse. How these misconceptions ever got into the world is very unfortunate.

Facial care solutions for oily skin

Oily skin is skin that is out of balance. With the production of sebum, the skin tries to restore this balance. To tackle oily skin, it is therefore important to ensure a healthy (PH) skin balance. Here are a few tips:

  • Use a mild facial cleanser. Banish all aggressive products that dry out the skin because this will only make the skin produce more sebum. By using a mild natural cleanser, you clean the skin but you do not activate the sebum production. It may seem that your skin is still a bit greasy at first, but you are working towards a healthy skin balance and this is the best start.
  • Do not use scrubs. We read this everywhere but scrubs can damage the skin and affect the skin barriers. As a result, the skin becomes damaged and unbalanced, or dries out and switches back to sebum production. It is important to remove dead skin cells. This can be done, for example, with a mild exfoliant such as our konjac sponge.
  • Lubricate lubricate. People with oily skin are afraid to use grease. But this actually restores the skin balance and reduces sebum production.
  • No fear of oil and sunburn. It is precisely these products that contribute to a better skin balance and ensure that the sebum production can rest. Fat can be combated very well with fat.
  • Use a toner. A toner restores the skin balance and prevents dehydration. Without hydration you will only suffer from oily skin. A good toner is therefore a must for people with oily skin.
  • Use natural skin care. Synthetic ingredients unbalance the skin, are almost always drying and go for short-term satisfaction. your skin has nothing to do with that. Choose skin care that really does something for your skin and contributes to a healthy balance.

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