Gezonde glow in je gezicht

Healthy glow in your face

A glow in your face is an important look in the beauty world. A glow in your face gives you a youthful fresh look. Your skin looks smoother and firmer. So stop matting everything and read here how you can easily create a glow in your face yourself.


When dead skin cells build up on your skin, your skin starts to look dull. It is therefore important to gently remove dead skin cells once a week. We call this exfoliating. So don't scrub like crazy, but opt ​​for a mild natural peeling if your skin is not too sensitive, or massage your skin with our konjac sponge . This has a mild exfoliating effect, but does not damage your skin. That is why this way of removing dead skin cells is ideal for sensitive skin. It also immediately stimulates blood circulation in the skin. And this is the next step for a glow in your face.

Stimulate blood circulation

An important way to get a healthy glow in your face is to promote blood circulation in your face. Your skin will actually glow slightly, you will get more color in your face and your skin will become firmer. You can do this by massaging your skin. This can be done with, for example, the above konjac sponge or simply with your fingers. For a deeper and more intense massage you can also undergo a connective tissue massage. This is a massage of the deeper skin layers with the aim of improving blood circulation and making the skin firmer. You can do such a massage at a beautician, but you can also choose to get started yourself at home. With our facial cups you can give your skin a deep massage yourself and create the ultimate blood flow for a glow in your face. Read here how to use them.

Use products that promote a glowing face

Choose products that give your skin an extra glow and do not dull or mattify your face. At SMPL we have specially developed two products for this purpose that give your skin a radiant skin:

  • Boosting serum : apart from the fact that this serum has many active ingredients that make your skin healthier and provide intensive care, it also contains an ingredient that gives your skin a sun-tanned glow. This ingredient is oil from the sea buckthorn berry. This orangish oil gives your skin a sunkissed glow through a light tan . Your skin also looks more even and intensively cared for. No wonder so many people are addicted to this serum!
  • Multi balm : this nourishing balm has also been specially developed for a glow in your face. Due to the natural fair-trade mica, this balm is, in addition to an intensive skin conditioner, also a beautiful highlighter. It gives that extra shine on your cheekbones, above your eyes, your lips or wherever you want.
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