Goede en slechte alcohol in cosmetica

Good and bad alcohol in cosmetics

In many ingredients lists you often see different types of alcohol. However, there are good and bad alcohol in cosmetics. So take a good look at which alcohol is in your products. Try to avoid the bad alcohol. Your skin dries out quickly and that in turn causes a wrinkled skin. Of course we don't want that!

Why alcohol in products?

Alcohol causes products to foam and have a longer shelf life. Alcohol also ensures that substances can be absorbed into the product more easily. Alcohol is also popular in cleansers and toners because it degreases and contributes to a 'clean' feeling. When you see a drying alcohol in the ingredients list, you don't have to panic immediately. When the bad alcohol is at the very bottom of the list, the effect will be quite minimal.

It is better to avoid this bad alcohol in cosmetics:
  • Denatured alcohol
  • SD alcohol
  • Ethanol
  • Ethyl alcohol
  • Methanol
  • Benzyl alcohol
  • Isopropyl alcohol.

Good alcohols can also be found in products. This is alcohol with a greasy structure that does not irritate and retains moisture in your skin.

It is better to choose this alcohol in your cosmetics:
  • cetyl alcohol
  • Cetary alcohol
  • Myristyl alcohol
  • Behenyl alcohol
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