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Hoe gebruik je een serum? 6 manieren voor een stralende huid

How do you use a serum? 6 ways for glowing skin

A serum is a powerful substance that gives a boost to your skin due to the high amount of active ingredients. How to use a serum in your daily care and which application is most effective?

1. As the basis of daily skin care

The active ingredients in the serum work best when applied to clean skin. The skin can then absorb the product well. Take a few drops and massage it into your skin. This way you ensure that it is well absorbed into the skin and you stimulate the blood circulation in your skin: win-win. When applying it under daily skin care, make sure you don't use too much. Leave it on for a few minutes before applying the day cream. This way you ensure that it can also be properly absorbed into your skin.

2. Enriching Daily Skin Care

Especially in winter it can be nice to make the day cream a bit richer. This can be done by adding a drop of the serum to your day cream or mixing it with your day cream. This makes the cream a bit more oily and gives it that extra care for the entire day.

3. For sun protection

We all know by now how important it is to use an SPF when you go outside. A natural SPF variant from raspberry leaf oil can be found in both the SMPL day and night cream and the SMPL boosting serum. So perfect for the winter. However, if you go in full sun, it is wiser to use a sunscreen with a mineral SPF. Check out our caring and protective sunscreen with SPF30 here.

4. As an intensive night care

Your skin recovers at night. It could use all the help with that. That's why we like to lubricate our skin with a generous layer of the serum. Your head doesn't have to be shiny, but we recommend using a little more than during the day. By going to sleep with a layer of vitamins A, C, E and K and omega-6 and -9 fatty acids on your face, your skin can recover and you wake up with beautiful and radiant skin.

5. Under your make-up or as a replacement for your make-up

The serum also works well as a primer for under makeup. Your skin will not look dry and your make-up will not sit between these dry lines. The boosting serum gives a nice subtle tan due to the addition of sea buckthorn oil, so that make-up can even be superfluous.

6. For an extra glow during the day

Do you have very dehydrated skin? Then an oil-based serum can also be used over your day or night cream. And even during the day, when your skin could use an extra beautiful glow. It puts a protective layer over your daily care and your skin immediately looks well-groomed and healthy.

Try what your skin likes and needs!

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