Huidallergie? Met deze tips kom je ervan af

Skin allergy? Get rid of it with these tips

Skin allergies are becoming more common. 1 in 4 Dutch people now suffer from some form of skin allergy. Skin allergies can develop suddenly. You can use a certain product for years and experience allergy symptoms from one day to the next. We will explain to you what skin allergy is, where it comes from and what you can do about it.

What is skin allergy?

Skin allergy is an allergic reaction of the skin when it comes into contact with a certain substance. This is common with substances in cosmetic products. Your skin then develops a form of rash. Think of redness, bumps, blisters, flakes and itching. Often an allergic reaction occurs after a day or three and can last for days to weeks. It also depends a lot on whether you continue to use the product.

Allergic substances

The proven culprits related to skin allergy are perfumes and fragrances. But also various preservatives, UV filters or lanolin in skin care.

Suddenly a skin allergy

It is often thought that the newly purchased product is the cause of the skin allergy. This is often not the case. The funny thing is that you can enjoy a certain product such as a cream for years, but you can suddenly get an allergic reaction. You then build up a skin allergy. You keep putting certain ingredients on your skin and then suddenly your skin says: enough is enough. How long you can lubricate something is different for everyone. Some people and children react immediately to certain substances and others take years. They start to build up the allergy as a baby, which later develops into an allergy as an adult. For some, the bucket never gets full and they will never develop a skin allergy. The continual build-up of a skin allergy is one of the reasons that it is so important that you choose unscented products for babies and children. It is impossible to say in advance whether that allergy will actually develop. But with the fact that 1 in 4 Dutch people now have a skin allergy, the chance is certainly present.

Solution for skin allergy

  • To know for sure what you are allergic to, it is good to do an allergy test. When you know for which ingredient you have a skin allergy, you can make a selection yourself using the ingredient lists of products.
  • You can also, for starters, switch to natural products without fragrances or perfumes, essential oils and other irritating ingredients.
  • To find out exactly which ingredients you are allergic to, it is of course best to go to a dermatologist.
  • An expensive product is not better. Not really! Check the ingredients list and you'll come a long way.
  • The terms such as hypoallergenic, natural, anti-allergenic are not protected. Keep checking the ingredient list and keep yourself in control.

We started with SMPL skin because we saw that the group of people with skin allergies and sensitive skin was increasing. We could not find any skin care products on the market, not even natural ones, that do not contain essential oils, irritants, perfumes or fragrances. In addition, we were very disappointed in the transparency of the cosmetics industry. It is so important that your largest organ, your skin, is well taken care of. We should be able to trust that there are no products on the market with harmful ingredients. Unfortunately this is not the case. With SMPL we want to offer transparent skin care for everyone, but also especially for the group with a skin allergy or sensitive skin. No irritation: it simply works!

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