Is schuim slecht voor je huid?

Is foam bad for your skin?

Most people love foaming products. In the bath, in the shower, to wash hair or clean the face. Foam is associated with clean. Unjustified because highly foaming products often cause the skin to dry out. 

Foam dries out

Foaming cleansers, whether soap, shampoo or facial cleanser, draw moisture from skin and hair. After cleansing, the skin feels dry and tight. For many men and women, this is the feeling of 'clean'. However, this is the feeling associated with dehydration. This is often caused by the ingredient sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). This is a good foam maker in products but can cause annoying and even allergic reactions for your skin. So check the ingredients list of the products you use. Soap, synthetic perfume and alcohol are also culprits in dehydration. So keep an eye on these ingredients as well.

Mild cream cleanser

A mild cleanser with a cream or oily texture is better for your skin and cleans just as well. A product may foam a little bit, but preferably as little as possible on the face. We have specially developed ourcleansing cream to properly cleanse the skin of the face and leaves a nourished feeling. It takes some getting used to but after a while you will see the result. Your skin will thank you! 

Foam bad for oily skin

To dispel this myth right away: oily skin also needs mild cleansing without foam. Stop exfoliating or toning with alcohol as this will only make things worse. The skin is damaged, becomes restless and reacts strongly again. That way you stay stuck in a vicious circle. Provide a mild cleanse that ensures that the skin does not become even more restless.

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