Kan deze gezichtsmassage rimpels echt verminderen?

Can This Facial Massage Really Reduce Wrinkles?

Can a facial massage really reduce wrinkles? The bad news: Unfortunately, nothing can really reduce your wrinkles. Creams can take good care of your skin so that you can prevent premature aging, but unfortunately they cannot turn back time. Botox and fillers go too far for many people. Fortunately, there are other ways to keep your skin looking fresh and fruity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. By ensuring good blood circulation in your skin and massaging the lower layers, you will see that your skin will actually look better.

We are a fan of using our facial cups for facial massage. Besides being a wonderful mini spa moment for yourself, it also has real benefits for your skin.

How does a facial massage with cups work?

You place a facial cup on the skin and by holding it well on the skin and squeezing it, it creates a vacuum. When you now move the cup over the skin, you massage it and this stimulates blood circulation and the production of collagen and elastin. Your skin will look smoother and more even and skin products will also be better absorbed. Contours become tighter. You draw lines from the inside out with the cups and make circular movements. Go with the cups especially over the lines in your face. Make sure you have massaged the skin surface at least 3 times. If you want to try the facial cups yourself, click here. Then rinse the cups well and let your skin care products do their job.

Continue facial massage

It is important that you do this regularly. A massage takes time, but is immediately a beautiful moment for yourself. It is best to use the cups in combination with a little oil, such as our boosting serum. It is of course not a panacea, but our experience is that a daily intensive facial massage can reduce the visibility of wrinkles and lines. But the greatest result can be achieved in the health and blood flow of your skin.

An alternative to the facial cups, if you have less time? Then the konjac sponge is a good alternative. Massage your skin with circular movements for 30 seconds and you will see that your skin looks fresher.

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