Maak je huid herfstklaar met deze tips

Get your skin autumn-ready with these tips

That long beautiful summer just didn't seem to pass. Delicious, of course, but summer often exhausts the skin. When the humidity in the house drops due to the heating and the sun tan disappears, it's time to face reality. How do we go from dull skin with sun damage to healthy strong skin that can withstand wind and weather? With these tips, your skin is ready for a new season. Drop those leaves!

Remove dead skin cells

One reason for dull skin is the layer of dead skin cells that give the skin a dull look. To deal with this you can start exfoliating. Do not do this with a scrub, but opt ​​for a milder variant. You could try an exfoliant based on fruit acids, but this is often not suitable for sensitive skin. Then choose, for example, the mild konjac sponge . This beauty sponge gently but effectively removes dead skin cells. Whatever you do, do it in moderation and make sure that healthy skin is not affected. Then you are just further away from home.


You can hydrate in different ways. Drinking enough water is of course very important for the care of your skin. But also moisturizing your skin from the outside and ensuring that the skin retains moisture are very important. Apply a moisturizing body lotion immediately after showering. Do this when the skin is still slightly damp. This ensures that the skin does not lose moisture, but that you actually enhance the moisturizing effect of the lotion. Of course, make sure that there are no drying or irritating ingredients in the body lotion, such as alcohol. This reverses the process.

For the face, use a somewhat greasy water-based cream. It helps to then rub an oil-based product over it. This way you lock in the moisture and the active ingredients. But for maximum hydration, of course, use our Face Mist / Toner with Hydranov. Extreme hydration for the harsh days. In one word: IMMISSABLE!


After a lot of sun, anti-radicals and vitamin loss, your skin could use a boost. You can also do this from the inside out with vitamins C and B. But a multivitamin that you can rub on your skin is also a good idea. We have specially developed a boosting serum that is full of plant power from 12 powerful berries and seeds. Highly recommended for skin repair and skin improvement. This product also ensures that the skin locks in moisture. So win-win.

For the ultimate boost: plan to massage your skin more. This improves blood flow and stimulates the production of elastin and collagen. Your skin will look so much brighter, healthier and firmer after a few times.

Let that cozy autumn come with strong and radiant skin!

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