Minerale olie schadelijk voor je huid?

Mineral oil harmful to your skin?

Mineral oil is increasingly discredited. The question that is increasingly being asked: is mineral oil harmful to your skin? Mineral oil can be found in almost every regular skin care product. Note these names on the ingredient list: Liquid paraffin, liquid petrolatum, parafin oil, paraffinum liquidum, petrolatum liquid, petroleum oil, white mineral oil and white oil.

What does mineral oil do?

Mineral oil lays a layer over your skin, which feels silky smooth. It closes the skin from the outside world and prevents the skin from losing moisture. Mineral oil is hardly absorbed into the skin and ensures that other substances are not absorbed into the skin. Because mineral oil protects the skin so well and puts a layer over it, it is more difficult for the moisture in the skin to evaporate and dry skin will quickly improve and dry lines disappear. Some dermatologists also prescribe cream with mineral oil for people with eczema . Sounds ideal right? 

Mineral oil harmful?

Mineral oil can have a major influence on the cell processes of the skin and makes the skin lazy and dependent. By lubricating mineral oils, the production of skin's own fats and sebum stagnates. The condition of the skin deteriorates and reacts more and more sensitively. Your dry skin will therefore not help you and you will be completely dependent on the oily mineral oil. This is also called a paraffin addiction. You often see this when using the regular lip balm. It feels great for a moment and then your lips scream for more. At SMPL we also prefer to stay away from mineral oil because it comes from petroleum. Petroleum is a finite fossil resource, so in our opinion not a sustainable option.

No active ingredients in mineral oil

The only thing mineral oils can do is retain moisture in the skin. It does not contain any important active ingredients such as antioxidants, nurturing or calming substances. These substances must be absorbed into your skin in order to care for and improve your skin. Mineral oil ensures that no other substances are absorbed into the skin. So you miss an essential part of your skin care.

If you can't keep your hands off products with mineral oils, it's best to first care for your skin with good active ingredients and then 'close' it with a cream with mineral oil. 

What should you pay attention to?

Here it is again: Pay attention to the ingredients list! Lip balms often have mineral oils as the main ingredient and you often come across it in various body butters and face creams.

Choose better 

There are more and more people who prefer to choose vegetable oils and skin care without mineral oils. With the SMPL products we have also consciously chosen to stay far away from mineral oils. Using Vaseline occasionally with damaged skin can of course do no harm, but mineral oil in your daily care is harmful enough to make a different choice.

Are you aware that your skin has to rehab for a month from a paraffin addiction.

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