Word een Natural Beauty met deze no-make-up 'make-up'

Become a Natural Beauty with these products

Not wearing make up outside the door is a no go for many women . Doors closed and curtains closed when the face is cleansed. There is a growing group of women who prefer to wear as little as possible or even no make up at all. And understandable! Here are a few good reasons we often hear:

  • want to give the skin a rest a few days a week
  • bad for makeup. The skin becomes irritated or causes impurities
  • not a nice feeling to smear something on the face
  • no time for it or don't feel like making time for it
  • see no added value of make up

Although the reasons are different, almost all women thought it was important to look good.

The right skin care products

Regardless of whether you wear make-up, it is important to at least clean your face every evening: in addition to make up, your face has to deal with external influences on a daily basis, such as dirt, exhaust fumes and bacteria. These can clog your pores and can cause gray skin.

These products can also keep your makeup-free skin looking its best:

  • The SMPL konjac sponge . Massage your skin in the morning with just the sponge to remove dead skin cells. This ensures that your skin does not get a dull and gray color. In addition, it improves blood circulation, which gives you more color in your face, reduces fine lines and makes your skin look more even. This soft sponge makes your skin ready for the day!
  • The SMPL boosting serum. This serum intensively cares for the skin. Dryness lines are often confused with wrinkles. By taking care of your skin intensively, you will see fewer lines. The sea buckthorn oil gives your face a 'sun kissed glow': a perfect and natural replacement for a foundation, tinted day cream or face tanning oil. Especially in winter, the boosting serum is indispensable for a more even and healthy skin!
  • The SMPL multi-balm . This balm has a light natural tint and glow. This makes it a perfect highlighter for cheeks, lips and eyebrows. It gives the skin a beautiful natural glow and it also provides super soft skin and lips. The multi balm is therefore a perfect beauty balm for people who prefer to take care of their skin and not wear make up.

Mix & match with our other fine skincare products. Here you can find them all.

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