Natuurlijke douchegel voor een gezonde en zachte huid

Natural shower gel for healthy and soft skin

Natural shower gel is indispensable for beautiful and healthy skin. Yet it is difficult to find a good, honest and truly natural shower gel in the shops. Because if you have to believe the front of all those packages, it's all equally great, natural and organic, but when you look at the back you don't understand all those ingredients. Is it really natural or not?

We deciphered this and found out that the majority are definitely not natural shower gels , and do more damage to your skin than good. We will show you what to look out for.

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Why use a natural shower gel?

Foaming soaps or laundry products may feel and smell nice, but they strip the moisture from your skin. You can recognize these harmful foamers by the ingredients: SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate). These are aggressive cleaners that remove all dirt from your body, but also remove all natural skin oils and moisture from your skin. It also kills the good bacteria that live on your skin and should protect your skin. The pH value is affected by these cleaners. As a result, the condition of your skin deteriorates after every shower and your skin dries out more every day.

Other chemicals that you will find in almost every shower product are parabens and perfume. You should also avoid these to keep your skin healthy and soft.

So choose:

  • for a natural shower gel without SLS or SLES
  • for a natural shower gel without parabens
  • for a natural shower gel without perfume

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How do I find the best natural shower gel?

If you have to believe the packaging, the shops are full of good products and everything is full of natural ingredients. It is sometimes shocking what manufacturers put on packaging. Terms such as 'natural', 'organic', 'plant extracts': they can be found on many packages. However, this is allowed! The term 'natural' is not protected. All you can do as a consumer is read the ingredients list. Of course we understand that you don't know what all those difficult terms mean, but when you investigate them further, you will find out soon enough. This is of course not easy and takes some time. Yet this is the only way to know if you have a reliable and 100% natural product in your hands.

We ourselves choose our multifunctional Wash as a natural shower gel: only high-quality ingredients, which are not only 100% natural, but also nourish your body and hair. For example, our Wash contains black bamboo extract. This is a powerful cleanser that soothes the head and skin and gives your hair volume and shine. Jojoba oil ensures that the moisture balance of the skin remains good and is full of vitamin E for beautiful smooth skin. In addition, we explain every ingredient on our website, so that you get honest information and you do not have to do your own research.

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Is natural shower gel different?

You will have to get used to natural shower gel and shampoo . It doesn't foam that much and it smells much less strong. In addition, you will notice that your skin becomes much less dry, less pulling and flaking after a shower. The moisture balance is much less damaged and your skin is better nourished. So give yourself some time to get used to a natural wash. But we promise you: once you've made the switch and see the results, you'll never want to go back!

Shower gel without microplastics

It is of course important to take care of yourself, but just as important to take care of the world around you. The production of 100% natural products is much less harmful to the environment. In addition, we rinse our soap products down the shower drain every day. You can still find microplastics in many skin care products, which end up in our water and therefore indirectly in our food and drinking water. So you don't just make a good choice for yourself when you choose a natural shower gel. It is a small effort to buy a product that is better for the world around you.

With the SMPL wash you not only wash your body, but you can also use it as a shampoo, hand soap or face wash. This way you need fewer different products and you contribute to a better world every day. Small effort, big effect!

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