Natuurlijke shampoo | hoe je gezond en sterk haar kan krijgen

Natural shampoo | how to get healthy and strong hair

Natural shampoo is on the rise and for good reason. First of all, we all want healthy and shiny hair. The statement “As long as your hair looks good” says a lot about how important we think it is to have a beautiful forest. But still, the majority use products that make your hair dry and brittle. Fortunately, we are learning more and more about ingredients in our products and finding out that what we have been using for years is not very good for our hair at all. Synthetic shampoo actually dries out the hair and damages the hair and scalp. Your hair breaks down quickly and you can get dandruff.

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Why use natural shampoo?

Foaming cleansers, whether soap or shampoo, draw moisture from skin and hair. You will recognize it on the ingredient list as SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate). These are very aggressive cleaners that have no business on your head. After cleansing, the hair and your skin become tight, dry and dry. To hide this, there are silicones in the shampoo that coat the hair, making it feel smooth and look shiny. But also the hair completely closes and your scalp can no longer breathe. In addition, it can no longer absorb nourishing ingredients.

Other chemicals that you find in almost every shampoo are parabens, perfume and DEA. These substances cause skin irritation, hair loss and can even be harmful to your health. Whatever all the advertisements lead you to believe: synthetic shampoos can contain all the fruit extracts in the world and make the hair dance, but in the end they make hair thin and brittle.

So choose:

  • for a natural shampoo without SLS or SLES
  • for a natural shampoo without silicones
  • for a natural shampoo without sulphates
  • for a natural shampoo without parabens
  • for a natural shampoo without perfume

Read here why it is better to avoid foaming products.

Is any natural shampoo good?

It is difficult to recognize a natural shampoo . Many shampoos claim to be natural but are loaded with harmful ingredients. Also, all fruit extracts and other terms that give you a natural feeling put you on the wrong track. Every shampoo seems to be natural and claims to use entire jungles for their products, but unfortunately this is often untrue. For example, we often see that there is still SLS in natural shampoo. All you can do is read the ingredients list carefully. It seems like a lot of hassle, but your hair will thank you!

We choose our own wash , which is also a natural shampoo, with only high-quality ingredients, which are not only 100% natural, but also nourish your body and hair. For example, we use Black bamboo extract (yes, really). This is a powerful cleanser that soothes the head and skin and gives your hair volume and shine.

Get used to natural shampoo

Anyone who is used to the wonderfully foaming and fragrant showers will have to switch gears. Natural organic shampoo does not foam that much and has no perfume smell. In addition, it takes a while before all the chemicals have disappeared from your hair. So you also have to persevere before you see the result. But the result is worth it! Healthy, strong and shiny hair!

What else can you do for healthy hair?

In addition to natural shampoo , you can also opt for a natural conditioner. Because if you wash naturally but then put a synthetic layer of conditioner in your hair again, you will never get the desired effect and you can save yourself the trouble.

Another thing that can do a lot of damage to your hair and even make your hair fall out is dry shampoo. Always choose the natural variant.Read more about it here!


Natural shampoo is not only better for your hair but also for the world around you. When you consider how many vials of chemicals disappear in your home's shower drain or sink, this is really gigantic. It is a small effort to buy a wash that is better for the world around you, without microplastics. With the SMPL wash you not only wash your hair, but also your body, hands and face. This way you need fewer different products and you contribute to a better world every day. Small effort, big effect!

4 reasons to choose natural shampoo

  • your hair and scalp will become healthier and stronger
  • your hair will shine
  • you no longer use harmful chemicals on your skin
  • you contribute to a better world

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