Pigmentvlekken: zo kom je er vanaf

Pigment spots: how to get rid of them

Removing pigment spots is not that easy. These dark discolorations on your skin are caused by one culprit: the sun. The pigment in your skin cells can provide that beautiful brown shade that many people bake in the sun for hours before, but when your skin gets too much sun, the pigment will accumulate in the cells and distribute unevenly: you get spots. You often see this happening on your forehead, upper lip, hands, but it can also occur anywhere on your skin. Sun in combination with hormones can also be a very bad combination. Pregnant women, for example, quickly get pigmentation spots in the face, also known as a pregnancy mask. The contraceptive pill can also play an annoying role.

Preventing pigmentation spots

When removing pigment spots, 'prevention is better than cure'. Once you have pigmentation spots, you will often see them reappear on your skin after a bit of sun. Also, some skins are more sensitive than others. Scarring, skin allergies or inflammation can increase the chance of pigmentation. It is important to protect your skin properly. Here are a few tips:

  • Stay out of the sun as much as possible, especially when the sun is very high. This is the case, for example, in the afternoon hours and during the summer season. The sunlight can then quickly cause a lot of damage, and therefore also pigmentation.
  • Wear a hat or cap against the sun.
  • Apply regularly with an SPF of at least 30 and make sure that your sensitive spots are always rubbed.
  • Do not use skin care or sunscreen with perfume or irritating ingredients. These are important causes of pigmentation.
  • A skin care product with vitamin C, such as our Boosting Serum, can help in the fight against pigmentation.

Perfume-free skin care and pigmentation spots

We have had several people with pigmentation spots SMPL skin care tested to determine the effect of perfume-free skin care. These people used the natural day cream , the serum and of course the sunscreen every day for a year without any perfume substances. The day cream contains a natural SPF 8 and the sunscreen SPF 30. The day cream was used daily and the sunscreen on sunny days. The participants had been suffering from pigment in the face for years. It went away completely or partially in the winter, but came back every time with the use of regular sunscreen. The result after a year was that all our participants no longer suffered from their usual pigmentation. For example, the 'dark upper lip' that had invariably been smeared with a factor of 50 with a 'normal' sunburn for 15 years had disappeared. We were surprised ourselves how much difference perfume-free sunscreen makes.

Remove pigment spots

Sometimes pigmentation spots don't just disappear. There are then various options for removing pigment spots.

  • At a beautician or dermatologist, you can use exfoliation to remove layers from your skin, making the spots fade and even disappear.
  • Pigmentation spots can also be removed with a laser. The laser 'illuminates' the pigment in the cells. It is an effective way that can make pigment disappear in a number of treatments. Do familiarize yourself with the clinic and the type of laser they use. There is a difference in effectiveness.

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