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Shea butter - ultieme voeding voor huid en haar

Shea butter - ultimate nourishment for skin and hair

Such an ingredient that is in several SMPL products is shea butter. Because of the many good effects and special properties, it is a must for every skin type. But what makes this ingredient so indispensable in our skin care? And where does it come from?

The tree of life

Shea butter, or shea butter, comes from Africa. The 100% vegetable butter is extracted from the fruit of the shea tree. This tree grows exclusively in the African savanna and is also known as the 'tree of life'. In the strip from Mali, across Burkina Faso, to Benin, the shea butter is made by village women. Here they have been using the butter as a care product and food ingredient for hundreds of years. For example, shea butter was used against the scorching sun in the African desert.

Many caring ingredients

Shea butter has many fine qualities that are good for your skin. Seed oils, such as shea butter, consist of saponifiable (nourishing) and unsaponifiable (moisturizing) components. It is unique because of its large amount of nourishing ingredients. This makes the ingredient soothing, moisturizing, restorative and protective. The various vitamins, including A and E, provide an antioxidant effect. In addition, shea butter stimulates the production of new cells, which prevents skin aging.

Natural hair care

Shea butter is widely used to care for the scalp and hair. The ingredient has a moisturizing effect on dry and damaged hair. Among other things, it could reduce dandruff on the scalp. You also read a lot that this 'butter' protects your hair against the heat of styling tools, such as blow dryers and curling irons. For soft and shiny hair, apply it to the ends of your hair. In this way, it acts as a natural hair oil.

Shea butter is included in the following SMPL products: boosting serum , multi balm , natural day cream and cleansing cream .

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