Waar wordt jouw pakketje ingepakt?

Where will your package be packed?

You have placed your order and you may be wondering: where will my package be packed? Unfortunately, with the growth and professionalization of SMPL, we can no longer pack all of our webshop orders ourselves. But of course we think it is important that your package is packed with love, with sustainable packaging materials and delivered to you on time.

That is why we have been working with Sipack fulfillment for some time now. And we are very happy with that! No more ringing doorbells all day long, or a crowded office with a huge stock of products. In addition, we have time for new product developments, writing our blogs and newsletters and, of course, answering your questions.


Sipack uses sustainable packaging materials such as recyclable boxes and biodegradable filling: you can reuse those green foam balls in your package, but you can also throw them away with confidence. They even dissolve if you hold them under the tap.

In addition, Sipack works together with Cycloon, among others, to deliver your package (where possible) by bicycle, so that we also reduce our CO2 emissions.

Super fast

Tube empty? If you place your order before 4:00 PM, your package will be packed and shipped by Sipack the same day and you will receive it within one to two working days. So that you can enjoy it quickly. Handy, right?

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