Waarom een serum gebruiken?

Why use a serum?

Why use a serum? This is a question we often get. Do I need a serum? Or, which serum is right for me ? There are many distinctions between serums and there is not one meaning. A serum does not seem as necessary as a cream, but we believe that every skin benefits from a good serum. We have created a boosting serum that is actually a multivitamin for your skin. It gives the skin a boost of vitamins and nutrients.

Does my skin need a serum?

You only see the real difference in the effects of skin care in the long term. Starting early with the right skin care will pay off as you get older. It is therefore important to take good care of your skin now, even if you may think that your face does not need as much care. Important are products with many nutrients. This starts with a good caring and nourishing face cream, but a mild cleaning is also very important. An aggressive and foaming cleanser breaks down the barriers that are so important for the balance of the skin. And don't forget a product with an SPF, such as our protective sunscreen SPF30: the most important product in the fight against skin aging.

When to use serum

When you use a serum depends a lot on the serum you have. Some serums are great for the day and others are just perfect for the night. Read the user manual carefully. We use the boosting serum ourselves both in the morning and in the evening. In the morning combined with a day cream for a beautiful glow and protected skin and in the evening as an extra overnight vitamin boost.

How and when to use a serum depends entirely on your needs and your choice for a certain product. We believe that every skin benefits from extra care, but you should see for yourself what works best for your skin. Every serum is different.

Conclusion: A serum, such as the serum from SMPL , is a booster with extra nutrients, such as vitamins A, C, E and K and omega-6 and -9 fatty acids, and therefore provides that little bit of extra care for your skin. Such a product is a nice addition to good care.

From our own experience: we can no longer do without! The SMPL boosting serum gives an extra glow, a subtle tan and it has significantly improved our skin. REAL!

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