Waarom we trots zijn op ons ‘zero plastic inside’ logo

Why we are proud of our 'zero plastic inside' logo

We are overflowing with pride: SMPL has been given the 'Zero plastic inside' logo. Of course, it is no surprise to us that there are no microplastics in our products. This is something we have consciously chosen and never compromised on. Nevertheless, it is a great honor to have received this logo from The Plastic Soup Foundation.

What does the Zero plastic inside label mean

There are cosmetics and personal care brands that are completely free of known plastic ingredients. Brands and companies that do not use microplastic ingredients in their products are allowed to carry the Zero Plastic Inside logo.

This logo makes clear to the consumer at a glance that a product is guaranteed 100% free of microplastic ingredients. Beat The Microbead app from Plastic Soup Foundation certify brands for your convenience, so you can use cosmetics and personal care products without worrying about your health or the health of the environment.

Guide in microplastic

In 2012, the Plastic Soup Foundation began campaigning against the use of microbeads in everyday products. Microplastics are not only harmful to you, but you also rinse through your sink or shower drain via your care products, so that these microplastics end up in our water. You can imagine: not good for humans and animals.

With the Beat the Microbead app you can easily test whether your products contain microplastic. Start scanning and join us in the fight against microplastics!

All this information can be quite daunting, so they've created this simple guide to microplastics in cosmetics for you.

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