Waarom wij geen irriterende essentiële olie gebruiken in onze producten

Why we don't use irritating essential oils in our products

Most natural skin care brands choose natural essential oils to give their products a pleasant scent. Why do we make a different choice? Many people with sensitive skin do not tolerate these natural oils well and can even have allergic reactions. Of course we stand for natural skin care, but there is a nuance to this: it is not the case that natural skin care is automatically better and safer for your skin! ( say what? ) This all depends on which natural ingredients you choose.

Irritant Essential Oils

Skin irritation from essential or essential oil is common. Yet many also swear by the good effect of these oils. They can even medicinally soak in skin conditions. However, most essential oils are added to skin care products as a fragrance and preservative. Many essential oils are no better for the skin than synthetic perfume. Especially when there are large quantities in it. They can even become toxic in very high concentrations. This will not happen quickly in professionally tested cosmetic products, but check the ingredients and percentages carefully when you are going to use something from someone's own kitchen. For example, think of lavender, bergamot, eucalyptus and citrus fruit extracts. So leave it alone if you have sensitive skin.

Should you try to avoid essential oils when you're not bothered by anything? No definitely not. But do you suffer from sensitive skin, sometimes some irritation, redness, or dry skin? Then it is definitely worth checking the ingredients list of your care products. If it contains a lot of essential oils, it might be time to try something different. In SMPL you will not find irritating essential oils and therefore it is suitable for every skin type, even sensitive skin or the skin of your little one.

A summary of the ingredients (synthetic and natural) that you should avoid:

  • Perfume / perfume
  • Fragrance
  • Perubalsum

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