Waarom wij suikerriet als verpakkingsmateriaal kiezen

Why we choose sugar cane as packaging material

It looks like bamboo and is related to grass: sugar cane. We all know the light brown cane sugar that is deliciously sweet through dishes. But did you know that sugar cane is a suitable alternative as packaging material? Our tubes of day cream, sunscreen and cleansing cream are made from this bio-based plastic. Curious about the benefits? Read on quick!

A sustainable alternative to plastic

Sugarcane is a fast-growing grass species, which makes it a sustainable alternative to plastic. The stems are not burned or processed into waste after pressing. The residual materials are pressed and form the basis for developing the packaging. No sugar is lost to the food industry in this process.

Absorption of CO2

Bio-based plastic from sugar cane absorbs a lot of CO2 during the production process. Whereas conventional plastic emits 2100 kilograms of CO2 during the production of 1000 kilograms of plastic, this green variant absorbs at least 2500 kilograms. In addition, the bio-based plastic of our packaging is 100% recyclable in the same recycle stream as conventional plastic.

High Quality

Packaging made from sugar cane is of high quality due to the strong fiber structure. This makes the material suitable for all kinds of shapes and applications. The packaging contains no harmful chemicals and is resistant to heat, cold, oil and moisture. Good, sustainable protection for our natural products!

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