Wat is een toner?

What is a toner?

A toner is an increasingly common step in skin care. But what is a facial toner and how do you use it? Is it really necessary to use a toning product? We went to investigate!


What is a toner and what exactly does it do?

You use a toner before applying other skin care such as a day cream or serum. It is actually a kind of skin primer that repairs, soothes and smoothes the skin after cleansing. It restores the moisture balance and the natural barriers of the skin. SMPL's face toner is a water-like substance that provides extreme hydration and care through its active ingredients. This brings the skin back into balance, soothes, gives a hydration injection and ensures a better absorption of the care products that you use in the following steps. A toner is therefore a good basis for skin care. How good the base is, of course, depends a lot on the ingredients in the toner.


For which skin is a toner suitable

We can be very brief about that: a toner is great for every skin. It brings dry, oily or combination skin back into balance, it moisturizes and ensures a better absorption of your skin care. Every skin benefits from that, right?


How exactly do you use a toner?

You apply a toner for the face after cleansing the face. You have toners that you apply with a cotton pad or in spray form that you can spray directly on your face. After the toner, use a serum and then a day cream . This includes the beautiful active ingredients of the toner well. In addition, we use the toner as a booster and refresher during the day, for example after exercise. Because the ingredients Hydranov (3x more hydrating than hyaluronic acid!) and Aloe Vera make the SMPL toner very hydrating, calming and caring at the same time, it is also the go-to spray to help your skin recover from the sun or from sunburn.

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