Wat is hydratatie van de huid?

What is skin hydration?

You hear a lot about moisturizers and skin hydration for aging and dry skin. But what exactly is hydration of your skin and how do you go about it?

Water in the skin

The skin can lose moisture, but unfortunately it cannot absorb moisture. The skin barrier protects the skin against moisture from the outside. A little moisture can only be absorbed in the top layer of the skin. Because the skin cannot replenish moisture, it is very important that we ensure that we lose as little moisture as possible.

How do we lose moisture in the skin

The quality and effectiveness of the skin barrier largely determines how much moisture you lose. There are many factors that affect skin barrier health. Think of age, type of skin care, ingredient choices, weather conditions, dry air, sun hours and cosmetics. The improved skin barrier and moisture balance is certainly an important reason why we fell in love with natural cosmetics . Our skin became so much better and less dry after we stopped using harmful, synthetic and drying ingredients on our skin.

How do we ensure hydration of the skin

In the first place; so ensure a healthy skin barrier. But particularly moisturizing ingredients can also contribute to hydration. These ingredients improve the moisture balance in the skin by binding moisture and preventing moisture from evaporating from the skin. We use many of these ingredients in our products such as glycerin, vegetable oils, shea butter and fatty alcohols (cetyl and cetearyl alcohol). In addition, our toner contains the cream of the crop when it comes to hydration of the skin: Hydranov. This extremely moisturizing ingredient is an algae scientifically proven to hydrate more than 3x better than hyaluronic acid. You understand, we are very happy and proud that we can offer such a beautiful ingredient in one of our products.

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