Duurzame skincare

Sustainable skincare

With today's knowledge, more and more is becoming known about the products we use. Sustainable skincare has been on the rise in recent years and this is not for nothing! In this blog we discuss what natural and sustainable skincare entails and we provide you with useful tips and fine products that fit in with a sustainable lifestyle.

What is natural skincare/cosmetics

Real natural skincare contains only natural substances and no synthetic substances. The raw materials of these products come directly from nature. Examples of this are: extracts of (organically) grown herbs, nurturing vegetable oils, essential oils and natural fragrances and dyes.

Synthetics are made in the laboratory and do not occur in nature. The basic ingredient can come from nature, but synthetic substances are then added to it.

Harmful substances skin products

More and more people are finding out that most regular products (at the drugstore) are full of harmful substances. These harmful substances can lead to hormonal imbalance , allergies and in the worst case even cancer.

Regular skin products consist for a small part of harmful substances, but because your skin absorbs no less than 60-70% of these substances and we all use an average of ten products on our skin daily, you can imagine that this is still very harmful. could be. Rather not!

Microplastics in cosmetics

Natural skincare is not only better for our body but also for nature! Most of the skin products we use end up in the water through our drains and this causes a huge pollution of our waters. In addition, an incredible amount of plastic is used to package the products and this contributes, among other things, to the plastic soup in our seas. These care products contain microbeads that are difficult to filter and therefore end up in the products that we eat and drink. To combat the plastic soup and prevent microbeads from entering our food and drinks, alternative packaging materials can now be used, such as tubes made from sugar cane. Sugar cane as packaging is of high quality and contains no harmful chemicals. So a logical choice for us!

Greenwashing with skin products

Not every natural skin product is by definition good for nature. For example, natural products can also be packaged in plastic. In addition, palm oil is a natural ingredient, but jungles are cut down for production.

It is therefore important to make a thorough choice in the skin products that you use for your body. Nowadays a lot of money can be earned with the term sustainability, which is why there are more and more companies within the beauty sector that are doing so-called 'greenwashing'. This means that they appear 'greener' to the outside world (to you as a consumer) than they actually are. Check out this blog for useful tips about the skin care products that cannot be missing in your (green) bathroom.

Why SMPL skincare makes the difference

At SMPL skincare we have a soft spot for natural cleans and that is why we do everything we can to take into account both your health and the impact on the climate as much as possible. Our products are vegan, not tested on animals, 100% natural, produced in the Netherlands and suitable for every skin type (so very multifunctional!). Honesty and transparency are paramount at SMPL .

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